About Us

Patrick sought to present their latest startup for a technology event in 2020. They wanted to host their own because they did not find one that tested all the boxes. When they arranged everything, they quickly found that they wanted to advertise the conference elsewhere and that is how it was started. It was then turned into a blog, and the effect is now what you look at.

Technologie-lighthouse.com has begun to offer insight into the field of technology and the meaning—and every now and then, the lulz. But there, we wouldn’t stop.

Today, Technologie-lighthouse.com, the TEC HOUSE.COM companies, the Technologie-lighthouse.com conferences and activities, our new tech center called TQ, and the index consumer research site, are expanding from two pieces to four. The company’s businesses are becoming increasingly relevant today.

Major developments

There is an increasing community of people interested in technology. There are more. That is what we call Generation T. They are increasingly searching for information, data, and personal relations.

Technologie-lighthouse.com is a forward-looking technological marketing organization focused on the cross-generational group. It allows them to make the most of technology by educating them, utilizing excellent stories and perspectives, and getting them together through special events and workspaces.