What batteries do Lego light bricks use

What batteries do Lego light bricks use


The addition of enchanting cute mini–Lego Led turns a dormant Moc into a lively one. The light components create shadows and illuminate the other unseen features. Whatever LED you use in your LEGO theme needs a power source. The Lego’s small size makes you wonder What batteries do Lego light bricks use that gets fit quickly in the MOC.

Different Methods to illuminate the LEGO Set

There are multiple ways to illuminate the LEGO set and several methods to charge the Lego Led.

  • The Lego Light Kit:

The lego light kit contains mainly designed bricks with a built-in power source as 2AG batteries. Therefore, it’s a most straightforward way to illuminate the Lego structure without any DIY. Besides, there is an expansion board that helps you connect several LEDs and create Lego light effects.

  • Battery box:

It’s a portable battery power bank of lego lights. You can connect the light kit with a USB port, and it will work for several days. The battery box works with 3A batteries. The battery box works best with all kinds of lego light ports and expansion boards.

  • Coin cell battery for lego lights:

The coin cell battery is enough to provide 5V DC to light up 4 LEDs. however, connecting more batteries will cause a reduction in battery life. Hence the mini size of the coin cell battery is a plus point for lego light set-ups. Also, the same battery pack is useful for DIY LED placements.

  • Battery packs for Lego light:

Usually, there are three types of external battery packs for lego lights.

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Types of Lego Lights External Battery Packs

Different types of external battery packs are:

  1. The flat battery pack:

It holds CR2032 batteries and has symbols indicating positive and negative to align the flat-pack battery. Both batteries will have opposite terminals as positive and negative as correct installments.

  1. Round battery pack:

It contains CR 2032 batteries also, but there is a small spring to adjust the coin cells. It uses a piling format, and the coin cell at the bottom will have a negative terminal on the spring side and a positive in the front direction, then place another coin cell in the same way.

  1. AA Battery Pack:

It holds AA batteries and has symbols indicating the directions to insert the cell. The battery’s flat side is for the battery pack’s spring side and the terminal side for its dull side.

 Method to replace the battery in Lego light brick:

Things you’ll need:

  • ExoForce Light brick
  • A small screwdriver
  • A small 3V battery.
  • Set the screwdriver’s point into the slot in the brick.
  • Apply
  • ing quite some force, lever the screwdriver till the ‘lid’ rises at the exterior.
  • Insert a screwdriver in a small gap at the poped upside, and lever the lid up.
  • The lid should come immediately off. You can flap the brick, and the battery should fall out. Slip the new battery in and snap the cover back on.

All of the power mentioned above sources are replaceable and portable. Moreover, there several ports and charger set available for recharging the led lights with expansion boards.

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